The benefits of exercising

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The benefits of exercising

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Exercise is healthy, we all know that. Yet not everyone gets their daily amount of exercise. Such a pity, because regularly exercising has many positive effects on your physical and mental state. But what are the guidelines for healthy exercise? And what exactly are those health benefits? Good Questions! We did some research and wrote all the answers in our blog.

What is healthy exercise?

Exercising keeps you active and healthy. It stimulates your immune system and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and stress. Besides, it also helps to sleep better. Isn’t that great! Regular exercise makes you feel better, but when do you exercise enough?

Special exercise guidelines have been drawn up for this. The Health Council provides advice on the amount of physical activity required for good health, based on scientific studies. The following guidelines apply to adults:

  1. Avoid sitting still for long periods.
    It is advisable to stand or move for a few minutes after every half hour. So, get that cup of coffee during work or go for a walk during your break!
  2. At least, 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity exercise, spread over several days.
    For example, walking briskly, gardening or cycling slowly. Side benefit, this also improves your stamina and fat burning.
  3. Two to three times a week muscle and bone strengthening activities.
    Muscle-strengthening activities improve your strength, endurance, and muscle size. Exercises with your own body weight and perform endurance activities such as fitness. In bone-strengthening activities, your body carries its own weight. For example, dancing, walking up the stairs or go for a run. Do what feels good for you!

Corona and exercise

In mid-March 2020, a large part of the sports sector within Europe was completely shut down. People were asked to stay at home “as much as possible”.  Leading to less people taking the time to exercise properly, with health risks as a result.

After three weeks of restrictive COVID-19 measures, it was found that fewer adults were exercising and that they were exercising for a shorter period. At the beginning of April, 38% of the adults indicated that they exercised less than normal. The RIVM, the Dutch authority for public health, concluded that in April 53% of the adults had started exercising less.

Since we all started working from home, we tend to walk and cycle less than before. Especially we “Dutchies” use our bikes regularly to go to work. On the other hand, in our leisure time we walk and cycle more than ever.

A tip from us! By counting your steps during a walk, you will know exactly when you meet the health guidelines targets (8.000 steps a day). Of course, you do not have to do this on your own! Fitter will help you keep track of all your daily exercises accurately. We motivate you to carry on and reward you when you reach your goals. The app will display your activity data and offers challenges for you and your colleagues.

The effect of exercising on your body

What are the health benefits of exercising? Physically, everything happens as soon as you become active. Exercising improves your wellness due to several things:

  • You challenge your heart and blood vessels to make itself stronger. This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Your muscles absorb fuel from your blood. Too much “fuel” in your blood increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • While exercising your muscles become stronger. More blood vessels are created enhancing the absorption of fuel and oxygen by your muscles.
  • During exercise, you trigger your brain to stay active. Some parts of your brain are stimulated more. The blood supply to your brain increases, and the functioning of hormones and other substances in your brain improves. This improved brain function has a positive effect on your mood and even your cognitive functions. A nice extra!

Regularly exercising is good. That is why we reward you for taking care of yourself! In the Fitter app you can earn FitTokens. These tokens can be spent in the Fitter store to obtain cool gifts. Encouraging you to live a healthier life. Stay vital, even in these corona times. And get started with Fitter!