Secure SaaS Cloud Secure Private Cloud

Slide Choose a cloud platform fully compliant with your policy To provide maximal flexibility we offer both a public saas solution as a private cloud. Both equipped with enterprise-grade security and compliance.

Built with flexibility in mind

Secure SaaS Cloud

FitterUp takes the security of your data our cloud operations running the FitterUp platform very seriously. To achieve the levels of security required by our (enterprise) customers, FitterUp and its third party suppliers have implemented an information security management system (ISMS) according to the ISO/IEC 27001 standards as well as comprehensive security and governance features built into the FitterUp platform itself.
Maintain optimal flexibility
Make use of the best connectivity
Optimal integration methods available

For data isolation

Secure Private Cloud

If your organization requires a higher data or application isolation level or your organization is complying with specific regulations and is not allowed to run in a third-party cloud, a (virtual) private cloud could be the best choice. These options can be based on a private cloud or on a traditional server. Either way, you still can benefit from a high utilization rate and resource flexibility, but on dedicated hardware or within a separate network segment.
Both Virtual Private Cloud or On-Premises possible
Developed for your compliancy
For a higher data isolation level

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