What is FitterUp

Slide FitterUp boosts what ultimately drives your business: your employees We believe that individuals and teams will perform at their top when their body and mind are sound. Vital employees are less often sick, more productive, feel committed and are therefore an important factor in organisations' success. More information Plan a Call

Holistic approach

De state of your organizations employees vary and so do your employee wellness goals. They may range from enhancing overall energy and wellness, to healing illness, preventing chronic disease, or simply lower current absence rates. Also, younger generations are struggling to keep a healthy work/life balance and feel pressure performing all the while maintaining a social image. With our 360 approach commit to a variety of metrics: eating healthy, sufficient sleep, stress management and breaking bad habits.

Valuable insights you can act on

If you want to grow, you have to measure. FitterUp provides real-time insights and metrics in order for people to grow and pursue the best version of themselves. We take people by the hand, guiding them step by step towards their goals.

Rewarding good behaviour

FitterUp combines behavioural economics, micro-incentives and gamification into one platform. By rewarding healthy habits, we change sustainable behaviour, thereby optimizing employee well being at large audiences. Research shows that by giving people incentives and rewards, they change behaviour for the long run. By challenging healthy behaviour like exercising, eating healthy and sleeping well we reward employees by paying them coins which they can spend in the FitterUp in-app shop.



    Inclusivity is one of our core values. Our mission is to guide everybody towards a healthier lifestyle. So working with FitterUp means that every employee has a chance to work on their well being. Whether someone is suffering from a chronic disease, recovering from a condition, is overweight and is struggling to start or a healthy fit athlete: we strongly believe in a tailored approach meeting everybodies need.

    Get fitter together

    Working together with a shared goal encourages people to work hard. By setting goals in a team, employees work together in teams and motivate each other to reach a common goal. FitterUp is all about driving each other to the point they are able to get the best out theirselves. By providing valuable content such as challenges, which employees can work on in teams, people are competing each other or against other teams.

    Data driven

    To monitor and optimize the health of your workforce, we provide insights and dashboarding for your organization. As an employer or manager, you want track improvements in your employee wellness, making sure where to make adjustments. We provide real-time and historic insights at group level so you can understand what interventions and programs really work, but also to predict where possible absence may occur so that you can intervene in time.