Why FitterUp

Slide FitterUp boosts what ultimately drives your business: your employees We believe that individuals and teams will perform at their top when their body and mind are sound. Vital employees are less often sick, more productive, feel committed and are therefore an important factor in organisations' success. More information Plan a demo

Increased Productivity

In its recent Global Human Capital Trends report Deloitte stated that there is a specific direct correlation between employee wellness and business performance. And there is a clear way to put this in figures. RAND Europe estimated that if all adults aged 18-64 walked just 15 minutes more a day, the world economy could grow by an average of $100 billion a year until 2050. That’s just a lunch break spent more wisely. Unleash the power of your employees with the most powerful wellness platform out there: FitterUp.

Increased Employee Engagement

Today’s work requirements cannot be compared to that of the past. Technology is progressing at high speed, new business processes are implemented and changes happen faster and faster. This calls for great adaptability in companies and organizations but also for your employees. Are your employees healthy and flexible in body and mind to cope with stress and challenges? The employee wellness platform FitterUp is built to achieve sustainable productivity for your employees and your organization as a whole.
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    Reduced Sick Leave

    Experts agree that employee wellness has a strong influence on absenteeism. If an employee is physically or mentally vital, he or she is more able to deal with unexpected situations of setbacks, has more energy and maintains the drive and motivation to execute all his tasks as required. Also, living healthy has a positive impact on the wellness of workers, reducing sick leave. Effects can be recognized as soon as three months.

    Improve your
    Employer Branding

    In today’s competitive talent market, companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their image, their brand. Research shows that generations Y (millenials) and Z are placing work/life balance and health above salary. By offering an effective employee wellness program, to attract new employees, but to also retain employees, you make sure that your organization is standing out in the market.
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